Vince Nguyen

Software Engineer / Designer


Vince is an experienced front-end developer with a strong skill set in bridging the gap between system complexity and user-friendly interfaces, particularly from an enterprise perspective. He has a passion for meaningful UX/UI elements into complex systems, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. He excel in crafting captivating web and mobile app designs, utilizing TypeScript and React to ensure seamless and efficient user experiences. Proficient in setting up Webpack for complex projects, He streamline development processes. A core strength lies in his comprehensive understanding of Design Systems for enterprise applications, encompassing elements like color palettes, typography, and layout , etc. He meticulously align his work with established design guidelines to enhance overall coherence and user experience. For enterprise applications, He consistently write various types of tests, including unit tests, component tests, and automation tests using tools like Cypress. This commitment to thorough testing ensures the reliability and stability of the applications He works on. With a commitment to staying updated on industry trends and an enthusiastic attitude to learn new things and contribute to the company


2018Software Engineer (KMS Technology, Inc. · Full-time)
2019 to presentSoftware Engineer (Pricefx, Inc. · Full-time)

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